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Repowering an Albin 25

These pictures show a new Beta 25 engine installed in an early 1970's Albin 25 trawler. The major part of the installation was done by Sound Marine Diesel LLC, with the boat owner removing the old engine, cleaning and painting the engine space, removing unneeded wiring, plumbing, etc. We have found that the Beta 25 is ideal for the early Albin 25, as this hull is the full displacement type, and is capable of about 8 knots.

Albin 25 engine template

The later Albin 25 Deluxe hulls are semi-displacement, and capable of 10+ knots, when the Beta 38 is installed.

The Beta 25 is a 3 cylinder, fresh water cooled Kubota diesel, that runs VERY smoothly and quietly, while sipping fuel. Engine weight, with transmission, is only 260 pounds. The owner reports the fuel burn is about 1/2 gallon per hour, and a bit less when running slower than hull speed. That's VERY efficient operation!

One picture shows the plywood engine template fitted into the engine space, with a dummy prop shaft of black iron pipe supporting it. Note the actual flexible engine mounts installed on the template. This method makes engine bed modification [ if needed ] obvious and straightforward. Once the template fits the engine bed, the engine will also fit.

We will be repowering an early Albin 25 with a Beta 20 engine, in the spring of 2012, and will post more pictures here.

Albin 25 engine

Albin 25 engine

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