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Repowering a Tartan 30

Tartan 30 with Beta 16 two cylinder diesel engine, that replaced an Atomic 4 gasoline engine. Engine weight difference was 105 pounds, in the diesel's favor. The Beta 16 was ordered with Atomic 4 engine mount brackets, at no additional cost. 3/4" hardwood shims were placed on the bed, the engine mounted on them, and lag screws installed through the engine mounts, the shims, and then into the fiberglass engine bed. This completed the rough engine to prop shaft alignment. No modifications were needed to the engine enclosure.

The Beta 16 is ideal for this boat, as it has plenty of power to drive her to hull speed, with a reserve of power to fight wind and wave. We know of one Tartan 30 owner that elected to install the 3 cylinder Beta 20 engine. Minor engine enclosure modifications were needed. His boat now has an abundance of power.

Tartan 30 engine

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