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Our Engines

We sell new Beta Marine diesel engines and can help you select the right one for your boat.

Beta Marine, based in England, marinizes Kubota [Japanese] industrial diesel engines. These engines have an excellent reputation for high horsepower to weight ratio, longevity, smooth running, and low emissions. They are the most technologically advanced small diesel engines available today for marine applications.

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Our new Beta Marine engines include:

  • Beta 14
  • Beta 16
  • Beta 20
  • Beta 25
  • Beta 28
  • Beta 30
  • Beta 38

Control Panels
Marine Panel Specs

Waterproof C Panel

Control Panel Recess Mount

  • Beta 43
  • Beta 50
  • Beta 60
  • Beta 75
  • Beta 105
  • Beta 150

Waterproof C Panel

Digital Panel
Ask about our used engines for sale
Several Beta Marine diesel engines are available to replace the Atomic 4 gasoline engine depending upon the vessel's displacement.

Atomic 4 Replacement Guidelines
For boats displacing:

  • Up to 7,500 pounds - Beta 14 engine
  • Up to 10,000 pounds - Beta 14 or Beta 16 engine
  • Between 10,000 and 14,000 pounds - Beta 20 or Beta 25 engine
  • Between 14,000 and 18,000 pounds - Beta 28 engine
These replacement engines are available with Atomic 4 engine mount brackets at no additional cost. This precludes the need to greatly modify the engine bed or stringers to accommodate the new diesel engine. This saves much hassle, time, and expense. Beta Marine has the only Atomic 4 replacement engine line with this terrific feature.

Easier Maintenance
Low maintenance and repair cost is another advantage of Beta Marine diesels, as engine parts are available worldwide at any Kubota farm tractor dealer. Check your yellow pages for a nearby dealer. You pay "tractor" prices, not "marine" parts prices. The savings can be considerable, especially when compared to Beta Marine's competition! Also, Beta Marine is happy to supply anyone with part numbers for routine maintenance parts, so you can shop locally for your best deal on Wix, Napa, or Kubota lube oil filters, fuel filters, V belts, air filter, zincs, Jabsco impellers, and more.

Beta Marine recognized the oil change problem years ago, and offers an optional oil change pump mounted on the engine and plumbed to the low point of the oil pan. To perform an oil change, just open the valve at the base of the pump, remove a small cap at the pump discharge, and operate the pump with one hand. Unlike the cheap hand pumps we are all familiar with [and disdain] the Beta Marine pump is all brass, high quality, works easily and very efficiently. I install a piece of clear hose over the discharge pipe and lead it to a sludge bucket.

To finish the oil change, just close the valve, replace the cap, change the filter, and add new oil to the engine. This setup actually makes oil changes fun!

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